Illinois Child Care Data

The following reports and publications have been produced by INCCRRA or have been significantly impacted by data and/or analysis conducted by INCCRRA.


Illinois' Early Childhood Education Workforce 2017 Report - (Executive Summary)
The Gateways to Opportunity Registry was established in 2009 to be a comprehensive workforce data repository for Illinois' early childhood education professionals. This report provides rich, descriptive data about the workforce and addresses topics including demographics; education, preparation, and ongoing training; credentials attained; wages; and turnover/longevity.

The College Enrollment and Completion Patterns of Gateways Credential Holders (Executive Summary)
This Study examines the recent interactions between Gateways Credential holders and post secondary institutions in Illinois, and includes analysis related to characteristics of credential holders, completion of post secondary degrees and certificates, and some attributes of enrollment and persistence within Illinois community colleges, as well as public and private bachelor's granting institutions within the state of Illinois.


Infant Toddler Teacher Quality Initiative – Task Force Policy Recommendations
The Infant Toddler Teacher Quality Initiative (ITTQI) Task Force was convened in spring 2016 through a partnership between the Robert R. McCormick Foundation and INCCRRA with support from key state agencies including the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development, Illinois Department of Human Services Bureau of Child Care and Development, and the Illinois State Board of Education. The task force was charged to develop a comprehensive, statewide set of recommendations designed to ensure a well-qualified, infant/toddler teacher workforce will support achievement of Illinois substantive goals related to positive child and family outcomes as related to key federal and state initiatives ultimately improving the quality of services provided through strengthened infant/toddler teacher preparation. This report is reflective of the collective work and vision of the task force.


Infant Toddler Workforce - Professional Development Needs and Gaps
This data brief describes what we have learned through Illinois’ Infant Toddler Teacher Quality Initiative (ITTQI) about the professional development needs and preferences of the infant/toddler workforce, as well as the characteristics of professional development opportunities that current exist for this workforce.

Characteristics of the Infant Toddler Workforce in Illinois
In Illinois, there are nearly 11,000 licensed center-based and home-based early care and education programs licensed to serve infants and toddlers.  This data brief describes the characteristics of teaching staff working with infants and toddlers in licensed center-based programs in order to provide context for considering policy and programmatic supports for this workforce.

Illinois Salary and Staffing Survey of Licensed Child Care Facilities FY2015
This report describes: (1) the number of qualified caregivers attracted to vacant positions and any problems encountered by facilities in attracting and retaining capable caregivers; (2) the qualifications of new caregivers hired at licensed child care facilities during the previous two-year period; and (3) the average wages and salaries and fringe benefits paid to caregivers throughout the State computed on a regional basis.


Market Rate Survey of Licensed Child Care Program in Illinois FY2014
In order to receive Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) funds, every state must conduct a market rate survey or use an alternative methodology to analyze whether child care subsidies adequately allow child care subsidy recipients equitable choice and access among child care providers.  This report includes analysis of data as of December 31, 2013 to determine the market rate for child care as defined by license status, type of care, child age, and geographic region.

Poverty and Young Children in Illinois (Infographic)
In 2013, 1 in 5 children under the age of 6 in Illinois lived in poverty. Recent census data reveals that just over one-third of Illinois counties experienced an increase in child poverty in 2013. View the data sources for this infographic.


Illinois Families and the Cost of Child Care FY 2013 Report
The field of early care and education has a well-known trilemma of quality, affordability, and availability – efforts to increase or improve one aspect may decrease or reduce others.  This report puts valuable data into the hands of parents, early care and education programs, and policy makers to inform them in making the best decisions for children and families in Illinois.