Illinois Child Care Data

Illinois Child Care Data


INCCRRA collects, maintains and reports statistical information related to child care supply, demand and quality across the state. Information is provided to state government, community planners, policy-makers and human service organizations to help identify and address the child care needs of Illinois children and families. For more information about Illinois child care data, please call INCCRRA's Bloomington office or email the Data & Research Department.


  • To collect and maintain accurate, comprehensive and consistent data on child care program components, services and quality and parental demand, access and satisfaction with child care programs.
  • To support local, regional and statewide planning and assessment efforts related to child care.
  • To participate in regional, state and national research projects that explore parent's access to care, calculate supply of types of care and correlate the characteristics of child care programs and families.

How Can I Make a Data Request?

How Does This Information Benefit Me or My Community?

  • Comprehensive child care data is provided to government agencies and policy-makers to guide funding decisions that shape programs to improve the quality and supply of child care in Illinois.
  • Child care keeps Illinois families working. Accurate data drives efforts to address the type, amount and schedules of child care programs to meet the needs of working families.
    Reliable data helps create consistent, stable, caring environments that meet the needs of all of Illinois' children.